Start-up Funding Valuation (SEBI)


Start-up funding valuation involves determining the value of a start-up company for the purpose of raising capital from investors. Valuation plays a crucial role in negotiations with investors and stakeholders, as it determines the ownership stakes and the price at which new shares or securities are issued. Start-ups seeking funding are required to comply with SEBI guidelines, disclose relevant information to investors, and follow the regulations pertaining to their chosen mode of fundraising.


1. Credibility with Financial Institutions
2. Fair Market Value Determination
3. Effective Fundraising
4. Transparency and Credibility

  • Other
  • Financial Statement
  • Business plan
  • pitch deck
  • Legal documents
  • Market research
  • Valuation Methodology
  • Pan & Aadhar of Company's Directors

- SEBI Approved 20 pager valuation Report
- Evaluated & Authorized by CA
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Start-up Funding Valuation (SEBI)

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