12AB Registration


"Unlock the Power of 12AB NGO Registration: Your Gateway to Financial Sustainability and Donor Confidence. In India, securing 12A and 80G registrations under the Income Tax Act can be a game-changer for your nonprofit organization. Learn how these registrations provide tax benefits, attract donors, and drive your mission forward."


1. More Funds to Work
2. NGO Darpan Registration
3. Drafting and Filling the form 10A
4. I2AB Certificate
5. Validity- 3 Years
6. CSR Registration
7. Free Expert Advice for Funding

  • Section 8 company/Society/Trust Registration documents
  • Director or Trustee's PAN Card
  • Adhar Card of the director or Trustee
  • Trust Deed (In the case of a Trust) MOA/AOA of the Company (in the case of a Society or Section 8 Company)
  • Audit Report of all years since incorporation of the section 8 NGO/Trust/Society.
  • A comprehensive list of welfare activity

Registration within 3 weeks
Tax exemption for NGO's income
Eligibility for 80G donations
Enhanced donor confidence
Improved financial sustainability for charitable activities.

12AB Registration

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