What is Form 16

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What is Form 16?

Structure 16 is a report that contains all subtleties expected to document the personal expense forms. The businesses should give Form 16 to representatives toward the finish of each and every monetary year.

FICO rating Sorts of Form 16

The two sorts of Form-16 are: Structure 16-A:

This structure gives a synopsis of the expense gathered by the business or association from the compensation of the representative and kept with the IT Department. This structure is for the worker.

Structure 16-B: Part-B fills in as a united proclamation which incorporates subtleties, for example, pay paid, derivations (if any), and some other pay revealed by the worker or manager.

Various Parts of Form 16

The two unique Parts of Form 16 are referenced underneath:

What is Form 16 and Components of structure 16

Section A

Part B

Section A

Before the testament can be given, validation should be given by the business. In the event that you move to a new position, the new business should give a Form 16 too. Each new boss should give Form 16. The fundamental parts of Part An are referenced underneath:

Boss' name and address

Boss' PAN and TAN

Representative's PAN

Subtleties of the expense deducted and kept on a quarterly premise

Part B

An annexure to the initial segment of Form 16, Part B has the underneath referenced parts:

Pay separation (nitty gritty)

Separation of the stipends under Section 10 of the Income Tax Act exhaustively

Derivations permitted under Chapter VI an of the Income Tax Act

Any alleviation under Section 89 of the Income Tax Act

Who is Eligible for Form 16?

Any person who is procuring a compensation and should document assessment forms are qualified for Form 16. In the event that people need not document government forms, it isn't obligatory for them to submit Form 16. Notwithstanding, businesses issue the testament with the goal that a track of their profit can be kept up with.

FICO assessment

How to Download Form 16?

The strategy to download Form 16 from the authority Income Tax Department site is referenced underneath:

Visit the authority site of the Income Tax Department (https://www.incometaxindia.gov.in/Pages/default.aspx).

Under the 'Structures/Download' area, you will find the 'Personal Tax Forms' choice, click on it.

Then, you will track down the 'PDF' and 'Usable Form' choices accessible under 'Structure 16'.

Click on the important choice.

You will actually want to download the structure on the following page.

How to File ITR with Form 16?

There are sure pieces of data that are required while documenting your ITR. These subtleties can be tracked down on Form 16. They incorporate the accompanying:

Stipends that are absolved under Section 10 of the Income Tax Act

Available compensation

A separation of the derivations under Section 16 of the Income Tax Act

Pay from house property accommodated TDS

Pay from different sources accommodated TDS

A separation of the derivations under Chapter VI-An of the Income Tax Act covering the derivations under Section 80C, Section 80CCC, Section 80CCD (1), Section 80CCD(1B), Section 80CCD (2), Section 80D and Section 80E of the Income Tax Act

Total of deductible sum under Chapter VI-An of the Income Tax Act covering the derivations under Section 10(a), Section 10(b), Section 10(c), Section 10(d), Section 10(e), Section 10(f), Section 10(g), Section 10(h), Section 10(I), Section 10(j), and Section 10(l) of the Income Tax Act

Discount due or net expense payable

Extra subtleties from Form 16 expected for documenting your annual assessment forms

Charge deducted at source by the business

Business' TAN

Business' PAN

Business' name as well as address

Present appraisal year

Name and address of the citizen

Container of the citizen

*There are sure fields in the structure that are advised for derivations. They are as per the following:



Area 80C

PPF, Premium Payments Towards Life Insurance

Area 80CCC


Area 80CCD (1)

Both salaried and independently employed towards NPS

Area 80CCD(1B)

Extra Deduction towards the Pension Scheme

Segment 80CCD (2)

Boss' Contribution to Pension Scheme

Segment 80D

Health care coverage

Segment 80E

Schooling Loan

Segment 80G

Gifts or Charitable Trusts

Segment 80TTA

Investment account

Why Form 16 is required?

Structure 16 can be an urgent record for the accompanying reasons:

It fills in as a proof that your manager has deducted charge from your compensation and kept it with the public authority

It assists in the pay with burdening returns filing process

It is typically mentioned by banks and monetary organizations when you approach them for advances